Mystique Edge Salon makes an effort to go green

The Mystique Edge Salon in Rapid City has been owned by Lori Eggersgluess for the last 23 years. Recently, Lori has decided Mystique Edge will go green.

Dealing With Waste

“I’ve always worried, like, where’s all that tinfoil go?” Lori said. “So there’s a lot of waste that goes on in our industry, so we in April decided to go green. So we joined a company called Green Circle Salons.”

Green Circle Salons started about five years ago in Canada, and they started collecting salon waste and figuring out what they could do with it. One thing they do is collect hair.

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“One of the big things we started with the salon, we have bins that everything goes into,” said Lori. “All our bins here that we have, they are plastic, but they are also made with recycled hair. So one-and-a-half pounds goes into every bin when they remake it.”

Green Circle Salons also makes mats for oceans that help absorb oils that get spilled into the ocean. Mystique Edge goes through a lot of foils, so Green Circle Salons takes all that metal and all the containers that hold the color and melt that all down and turn it into reusable energy.

Mystique Edge 5Saving On Product

“So we’re using a color measuring program now. So after we measure out the color and we use it, if there’s anything left, we put it back on there, then it tells us how much to mix next time so we don’t have all that waste,” Lori said.

The color measuring was started in April, and they saved 23 pounds of color, which also saved money.

With the measures in saving product, Mystique Edge can put towards other things like education and improved equipment for clients.

Mystique Edge has also started preserving water, and they use a new head for their shampoo bowls called Ecoheads. They save about 65% waste of water. The Ecoheads also filter out all the impurities and they have ions to help soften the water.

On top everything else, Lori explained how they’ve saved and mailed in 435 pounds of hair to Green Circle Salons.

“So all the hair is reused, the color, they actually burn it down. We actually send in color and they actually burn it and use it for reasonable energy in their plant, to fuel their plant,” Lori said.

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