Murphy’s Pub and Grill, Mission 22 honor fallen military service members with memorial table

The memorial table will remain up at Murphy's through this coming Thursday.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — On Saturday, the veterans’ support group “Mission-22” partnered with Murphy’s Pub and Grill to honor the 13 fallen service members.

Chris Cooper is the leader of Mission-22’s region-8 here in the Black Hills area.

He’s worked with murphy’s before to set up memorial tables for fallen servicemen and women.

After setting out the drinks and reading the names, they played taps and observed a moment of silence.

“At this table right here, we have one beer for every service member that was lost in Kabul,” Cooper said.” And we also have one extra one for all the others that we’ve lost throughout our history that are no longer here with us.”

Cooper says this is a particularly hard time for veterans — especially those who served in Afghanistan over the past 20 years. And for those who are struggling, Cooper says there is help…

“And mainly, we want to let them know if they’re having a hard time just struggling to please reach out,” Cooper said. “They have an army of people that’re there for them. They have a Sacred Mountain here in Rapid City that’s there. Levi Colton Derr is there for them. Mission-22 is there for them. Friends and family are there for them. They’re not alone. You know, reach out and and ask for help and, and uh, know that it’s going to be ok, and there are people that want to help them out.”

The memorial table will remain up at Murphy’s through this coming Thursday.

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