Mural honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month vandalized


RAPID CITY, S.D. — A mural sponsored by Regional Health for Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been vandalized.

Caregivers from Regional Health noticed that the mural had been covered in graffiti on Tuesday morning. The mural is the second in two years to be sponsored by Regional Health to raise awareness of breast cancer and offer support to patients and their families.

This year’s mural was designed by Delaena Uses Knife, who began painting the project in Art Alley a little over a week ago. Uses Knife and her father have been working together on the project and have already put 30 hours of work into the piece before the graffiti.

Regional Health planned on unveiling the mural this coming Friday, but have now delayed it until October 11.

Rapid City Police urge you to call them if you know who was behind the vandalism or if you notice any suspicious activity in the area.

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