Multiple members of Pennington County Sheriff’s Office receive awards

Pcso 3RAPID CITY, S.D. — It was a day of recognition and celebration at the Pennington County Sheriff’s Office. On Thursday more than a dozen employees were honored for their years of service. Pins were awarded to those who served for five years and every additional five years with one member recognized for 25 years. Two people were promoted, Dustin Morrison moved up to Patrol Captain and Colton Reichert to Jail Sergeant.

Deputy Christopher Lindquist received the Distinguished Service Award for pulling a man to safety during the Cactus Lounge fire in Wall back in June.

Lindquist describes the events of that night. “I responded to what I saw was black smoke coming out of the top of the cactus bar, the cafe. And when I went over to investigate and see what was happening, there were people saying that somebody was trapped inside up on the roof. I was directed to where those people were at and I went upstairs. It’s hard to train for something like that. Basically, what ended up happening is I looked around to see if there was any other way to get inside. The smoke was too thick to go inside. I went up to the only window that was open…and helped get the man to safety.”

Lindquist continues, “That’s one of the reasons we do this job, to hope that we can be in a situation like that. It was the right place at the right time to help somebody that was in need.”

Three members of the Sheriff’s Office received Meritorious Service Awards. Deputies Jacob Mundt and Jorge Salas for helping save a man in cardiac arrest and Correctional Officer Yolanda Vivardo who performed the Heimlich on a chocking inmate.



Pennington County Sheriff’s Office Recognitions:


Dustin Morrison-Patrol Captain

Colton Reichert- Jail Sergeant

Anniversary Pinnings:

25 years

Corey Brubakken

20 years

Joan Fletcher

Justin Hansen

Lori Sargent

15 years

Timothy Bray

10 years

William Atyeo

Hope Bearden

Art Dolor Mathew Veal

Anthony White

5 years

Andrew Butchart

Aaron Cox

Marc Davies

Rebecca Elger

Jodi Glasgow

Mark Hirsch

Joshua Lavene

Jason Mitzel

Distinguished Service Award

Christopher Lindquist – Deputy Christopher Lindquist helped pull a man from a burning fire at the Cactus Lounge In Wall in June 2022.

Meritorious Service Award

Jacob Mundt & Jorge Salas – Deputies Jacob Mundt and Jorge Salas responded to a male in cardiac distress, performed CPR and are credited with saving a life in July 2022

Yoalanda Vivardo – Correctional Officer Yolanda Vivardo performed the heimlich maneuver on an inmate in the jail who was choking and unable to breath in September 2022.

Not all awardees were able to attend the event.

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