Multiple gunshots lead to arrest of four minors

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Police responded to reports of multiple gunshots in a residential area Monday afternoon, detaining four juveniles.

When police arrived at the 1500 block of Racine Street, they spoke with witnesses who stated that several shots were fired, and were told of a black passenger car speeding away from the area. Police were able to recover shell casings from the shooting. As police continued to investigate in the area, they were told by another witness that a matching car had just pulled into a parking lot on Downing Street.

Authorities say that police spoke with the four juvenile occupants of the vehicle and detained them. Examination of the vehicle revealed shell casings matching those recovered from the initial scene of the gunshot reports. Police also learned that the vehicle the juveniles had been in had been reported stolen earlier in the afternoon.

As of Tuesday morning, police have not received any information about injuries related to the gunfire.

Charges and identities cannot be released as the suspects are juveniles.

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