Mr. Movies in Rapid City closes its doors

RAPID CITY, S.D. — One of Rapid City’s treasures and the last movie rental store in western South Dakota is shutting down.

Sunday was the last day Mr. Movies on Sturgis Road was renting, and on Thursday it will begin its liquidation sale. Store manager Jennifer Wyman says that while it’s a sad moment, she’s proud of how long the business has been able to keep its doors open.

“I think it’s a testament to the loyal customers we’ve had,” said Wyman. “Unfortunately with the rise in streaming our sales have just been in a steady decline for the last couple years … but we’re grateful that we’ve been able to last as long as we did.”

For many years, the store has allowed customers to enjoy the full experience of renting movies in person — something that’s quickly becoming a relic of the past.

“That love of movies, and people love coming in and being able to talk to us about them, and ask our opinions and things like that. And people love being able to hold the boxes in their hands and look at it versus, you know, flipping through a screen,” said Wyman.

Wyman says the liquidation sale will go through the third or fourth week of August, with movies beginning at 20 percent off to start. She says the closing process has kept staff busy — although there are still a few moments of nostalgia.

“It’s busy. There’s about 16,000 movies here between the DVD’s and Blue Rays. So it’s a lot, I have a lot of inventory. So we’re staying busy, but we have our moments where we stop and reflect and we’re a little sad and we keep talking about the last day — because many of my employees have been here for years.”


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