Move it on over and give EMS vehicles a break

RAPID CITY, S.D. — An accident can occur in a blink of an eye, especially with distracted drivers.

This weekend the Rockerville Volunteer Fire Department reported a near miss on Highway 16 when responding to a call.

This near miss prompted the fire department to raise awareness for the importance of slowing down and getting out of the way of emergency vehicles.

Emergency vehicles are responding to often life and death situations and where every minute counts. The last thing they need is not making it to the scene because they have to respond to another one while in route.

Robert Rendon, Rapid City EMS Section Chief says near misses happen all the time.

“Some of the bigger problems are like intersections when people don’t pull over or do what they are supposed to,” said Rendon. “There are a lot of accidents that happen at intersections because people aren‘t paying attention to those things.”

Across the nation, the Move Over law requires drivers to pull over to the right if approached from behind by an emergency vehicle and into the furthest left lane for oncoming emergency vehicles, and please slow down for stopped emergency vehicles.

In the state of South Dakota failing to do so can cost you $270 in fines.

If you see lights and hear sirens, give emergency responders a break and move it on over for your safety and others.

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