Mounted Shooting a fan favorite at the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Day two of the Black Hills Stock Show is in the books. Despite the pandemic, the show is still a big draw.

Among the contests in the arena, mounted shooting is a favorite for many. Contestants from near and far took a chance at being the fastest, galloping through complex patterns.

One South Dakota contestant says mounted shooting is less about the shooting and more about the synchronization between rider and horse, but a smaller stage is arguably the most challenging.

“The arena is very small. We’re used to big, large, outdoor arenas where we have a lot of room and we can spread our patterns out and we can really boogie. When we get in to a place like this, we have to slow things down a little bit – including your shooting, which can be difficult,” said contestant Kelli Shryock.

Minors were also able to take part in mounted shooting, but without a gun or bullets.

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