Mountain West Beer Fest

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Weather was beautiful for the 3rd annual Mountain West Beer Fest (MWBF) held this weekend at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. It is the biggest beer festival in the state and featured a variety of activities and beer tasting for those who attended. Over 55 breweries were represented with 19 of them being from South Dakota. Altogether there were around 200 craft beers. This year the fest also added a seltzer room with 10 different hard seltzers.

There was live music courtesy of the Brandon Jones Band, as well as a beard competition and games, such as human Foosball, corn hole, and arcade games from Press Start. There were even sumo suits for wrestling available.

Taz McMannis, a MWBF attendee says “I’ve been training pretty much since noon. How long have I been sumo wrestling professionally, 38 years. Pretty disappointed, I thought I was going to be able to wear my glasses, I wasn’t. Sight was a main issue for me, but also these gloves are pretty inconvenient,”

When asked of his future sumo wrestling plans, he says “I mean I’ll be back here challenging Kyle pretty much once every hour just to make sure he’s still loose and his back’s strong. But next year, no, I’m retired after this, this is my last year doing it.”

There were also several scavenger hunts with prizes available for participants, and of course plenty of sampling to go around.


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