Mountain lion workshop for kids in Deadwood

DEADWOOD, S.D. — Kids got the chance to learn all about mountain lions in Deadwood on Saturday.

Adams Museum located in Deadwood

The two-hour workshop was hosted at the Adams Museum by Deadwood History Inc. The kids who attended were in the K-6 age range. With the help of some supplies from the Outdoor Campus West here in Rapid City, these kids got to see and touch different parts of mountain lion. They also got to learn all about where they live, what they eat, and how to tell if a mountain lion is near.

Amanda Brown, Education Director for Deadwood History Inc.

Thanks to the Education Director, Amanda Brown with Deadwood History Inc., and the supplies from South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks and The Outdoor Campus West, the kids in this workshop were able to feel and see different parts of a mountain lion.

They were also to learn about where these big cats live, what they eat, and what they should know if they think there is or was a mountain lion nearby. This event taught these children about how important the mountain lion is to the environment, especially here in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Kids participating in Mountain Lion Workshop


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