Mountain Lion that was killed posed threat to public

Game, Fish and Parks claimed that the behavior displayed by the lion prompted enough concern to warrant its killing.

DEADWOOD, S.D. – A mountain lion was killed Tuesday near the town of Deadwood, and some residents are asking why.

John Canta, a regional supervisor with South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks said that they have protocols when it comes to mountain lions and public safety.

An example stated would be that any mountain lion that kills livestock or pets is automatically considered a danger to the public.

Game, Fish and Parks generally give lions a chance to retreat back into the woods if spotted in a populated area.

The 1 ½-year-old 77-pound male mountain lion killed in Deadwood did not kill any pets or livestock but was spotted well within the city limits of Deadwood.

Officers responded to the report of a mountain lion that was carrying a dead deer, and when officers approached the mountain lion, it did not retreat, indicating “bold behavior” by the mountain lion. This was a strong indication that the lion was not afraid of humans and posed an immediate threat to public safety

At the latest estimate, there are around 240 mountain lions in the Black Hills

Bears and wolves have been occasionally spotted in the Black Hills but are much rarer.

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