Mountain lion caught on security camera in Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Just last week, a mountain lion was caught on someone’s home security camera on the southwest side of Rapid City.

Mountain lion sightings are likely going to be more of a frequent occurrence as the summer season wraps up. According to South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks this is the time of year when kittens that were born in the previous spring are now old enough to leave their mothers.

“One of the unique things about the Black Hills is that we don’t have a clearly defined city, city and nature, nature. It just kind of blends all together and it’s one of the things that people like about the Black Hills. While you’re enjoying that though, just be aware you may at any time have a chance encounter with a mountain lion. It’s part of living in the Black Hills,” said Keith Wintersteen with the Outdoor Campus West.

So what should you do if you come across a mountain lion? According to Trenton Haffley, the regional terrestrial resources officer for South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks, “if you see a mountain lion, certainly try to get close to small children or pets. Lions are actually able to be intimidated pretty easily, so make yourself seem big. Hold your arms and hands up. Make a lot of noise, confront the lion, chase the lion and usually you can scare them off.”

Also, give GFP a call so that they can try and track it.  “If we do receive a report, we’ll do the best we can to confirm that it was, in fact, a mountain lion. We do log it in a data base and that way we can track if there are lions showing up repeatedly in a community. That will suggest there’s probably something going on and we need to provide a response,” said Haffley.

GFP has a mountain lion response protocol. The mountain lion has to display aggressive or habituated behavior before the department will actively try to remove it. That number to call and report a mountain lion sighting to the Game Fish and Parks Regional Office is 605-394-2391.




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