Mount Rushmore Society committed to preserving monument’s history

MOUNT RUSHMORE, S.D. — When tourists and local residents visit Mount Rushmore, do they really know the work that goes into its preservation?

The history, and what the monument represents to the Black Hills, and the nation?

The first 130 years of U.S. History are represented in the carvings of Mount Rushmore.

The Mount Rushmore Society has spent the past 90 years ensuring its story lives on through education and preservation.

“The Mount Rushmore society has been a partner of The National Park Service since 1930,” said Diana Nielsen Saathoff, the CEO of the Mount Rushmore Society. “And our role has been to raise funds and to assist and lobbied for funding of the original carving of Mount Rushmore.”

One of the oldest support groups in the nation. They were responsible for raising $25 million for facility improvements in the 1980s.

“On the average, we contribute about $250,000 each year to the educational and interpretive efforts of Mount Rushmore and we just completed a five-year commitment of $100,000 dollars a year to the preservation of the sculpture.”

Mount Rushmore Society also believes in the economic impact of the national park and monument. Thousands visiting the area each year.

“It is the business heart for the tourism industry, in the state of South Dakota and so, again, we value our role of keeping it fresh and creating new visitor experiences to help others tell the story of why people need to come back, again and again. Because people’s livelihoods depend on the success of the tourism industry.”

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