Motorcycle parking for Rally to look different in Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. — With the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally starting Friday, things are looking different not only in Sturgis, but in other communities as well.

In downtown Rapid City, there will be no reserved parking for motorcycles this year.

In a typical year, some of the curbside parking is reserved for motorcycles, a service that the city provides based on requests from downtown businesses. This year, however, not many downtown businesses have made the request.

Since the city’s new parking plan was implemented, it makes less sense for the city to block off sections of downtown for reserved parking.

“This doesn’t mean that this is a permanent position that the city is taking, I mean things could change into the future.” said Mayor Steve Allender “But we’re really still just getting to know this parking plan and how to manage it in the best way possible.”

One business that did make the parking request is the Hotel Alex Johnson. It will have five reserved spots for motorcycles.

The mayor believes one of the reasons request are down this year was the uncertainty of whether the Rally would be held during the pandemic.

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