Motor safety during the Sturgis Rally

RAPID CITY, S.D. — As the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally gets underway, we can all expect packed roads and an abundance of motorists. Half-a-million riders are expected to be in the Black Hills for the rally.

Each year there are typically 100 or more accidents during the event and a handful of them are fatal. In order to prevent them, South Dakota Highway Patrol recommends people are extra cautious on the roads.

“Just a reminder that we want the motorists to be careful out there, especially with motorcycles being a bit harder to see. Take some extra time at the intersections, take that second glance again just to make sure no motorcycles are approaching the intersection,” said Captain Jason Ketterling.

For people driving vehicles, it’s vital to check all mirrors and the blind spot before switching or merging lanes and always signal.

Along with that, when driving behind a motorcycle make sure that you give yourself distance. If they fall off the motorcycle you want to make sure that you can stop without hitting them or running the rider over.

As for motorcyclists Ketterling said:

“Also, it’s a bit of what you wear as well, something of high visibility color along with the lights and giving yourself that extra cushion between yourself, other motorcyclists, and other vehicles as well really helps and goes a long way in preventing crashes.”

As always, it’s important for riders to wear protective gear such as leather and helmets. Although it may seem hot or uncomfortable, it can save your life.

“Just want everybody to be patient out there with the additional traffic that’s coming into our area as well and for everybody to just have a safe and enjoyable time in the Black Hills,” said Ketterling.

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