Mother’s day brings many out to Hill City, 1880 train

HILL CITY, S.D. – As the 1880 train prepares to move to summer hours, visitors were able to squeeze in trips over the weekend.

“We decided to scout around town today and saw the train,” Robin Wilson of Massachusetts said. “It’s our shiny ball trip, when we see something we go for it.”

The 1880 TrainOf course, with Sunday having been Mother’s Day, many visitors were with their families.

Emily and her family were visiting from Texas, Sunday’s train ride was a truly unique opportunity for them all.

“We’ve actually all never been on a train,” she said. “So, they enjoyed it and it’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

For Pam Lafleur of Oklahoma, the train ride was a fun activity to do while visiting her brother-in-law. Having just crossed Mount Rushmore off of her bucket list, she was reminded of her parents.

“My mom and dad had been to Mount Rushmore and I got to see it, too, kind of like they did,” she said. “So they were with me a little bit yesterday, too.”

West River grandma Jean Mattson celebrated the day with gratitude, one of three generations represented alongside her daughter Olivia and granddaughter Kira.

Jean has ridden the train many times before, but was just as excited to take her family on their first ride and focus on the time together.

“They are both so busy. They are in everything they can be in, and it goes from morning until night when they go to bed,” Jean explained. “And so to just get this dedicated time with them is real special.”

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