Mother honors son’s legacy after he was killed in action

STURGIS, S.D. – Marc A. Lee was a Navy Seal killed in action on August 2, 2006. He was the first Seal to be killed in Afganistan. Before his death, he sent his family members one last letter. In that letter, he wrote about kindness and being random acts of kindness.

In his letter he states this:

“Ask yourself when was the last time you donated clothes that you hadn’t worn out. When was the last time you paid for a random stranger’s cup of coffee, meal or maybe even a tank of gas? When was the last time you helped a person with the groceries into or out of their car?”

He goes on to say:

“Think to yourself and wonder what it would feel like if when the bill for the meal came and you were told it was already paid for. More random acts of kindness like this would change our country and our reputation as a country.”

After he passed away, his mother, Debbie Lee, decided to carry out his legacy and create America’s Mighty Warriors. The name Marc means “mighty warrior,” which is why she chose to give the organization that name.

America’s Might Warriors helps military families and families of those who have been affected by combat. They have a “Helping Heroes Heal” program that helps servicemen adjust to civilian life. Along with that, they do random acts of kindness and host events for heroes and their families.

Ms. Lee also states that her son was good friends with Chris Kyle, who the movie “American Sniper” is inspired after. Kyle was present on the battlefield when her son was killed. She states that Kyle was like a son to her, and losing him was like losing a second child.

Lee was at the Buffalo Chip participating in the Freedom Celebration. She was there sharing her son’s story and raising money for servicemen.

She decided to turn her grief into good works and say that her son’s legacy has become her life mission.


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