More sports wagering opportunities coming to Deadwood

DEADWOOD, S.D. – So far, the addition of sports wagering to Deadwood Gaming has had a huge impact.

Sports Wagering 13In November, despite a dip in profits, gaming officials still reported around $700,000 made from sports wagering alone.

Within the next week, visitors will have more chances to possibly win big ahead of the new year.

“We’re expanding parlays, future bets, in-game betting. So we’re real excited about the additional things that the South Dakota Commission of Gaming approved for us to start offering starting December 31,” Executive Director of the Deadwood Gaming Association Mike Rodman stated.

Football, fighting, basketball and golf will see the most additions to availability in future bets and parlays. Also included in the new catalog is in-game wagering where guests can bet on games already going as odds change based on play.

However, sportsbooks will not be the only beneficiaries.

“Food and beverage sales are up, hotel stays are up. Our overall gaming numbers are reflective of that. And when they come and place a sports wager, they’re spending time in our casinos playing other games,” Rodman explained. “And so it’s just been an overall nice shot in the arm.”

As previously announced, revenue is up over 30 percent since 2019, the city’s last full year of gaming.

Heading into 2022, the city is anticipating more influxes of people from the Super Bowl and March Madness tournaments.

“It’s giving us many more opportunities to market for events that are typically our slower time of the year,” Rodman said. “And so we’re really excited about having that opportunity to do that as well.”


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