MOOOving the cows into The Monument

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The cows came home to the Black Hills Stock Show Thursday as kids and their cattle arrived for the Show-Rite Youth Beef Show. The kids and cattle all come from different places and backgrounds, but one story of friendship stood out.

Cattle Come InClint Filipek started raising cattle as a kid, and the day came to pass on the tradition to his family, starting with his daughter.

“We took our three car garage and turned it into a show barn,” he says with laughter. 

Then, he extended his invitation to family friends Kassidy and Kylie Job, friends of his daughter who wanted to participate too.

“Clint Filipek was really nice and led us out to his house and we were just there for halter training our heifers. And he said, ‘You might as well come out to the Stock Show with us!’ so ever since then we’ve been out there on the weekend, blowing and washing heifers,” Kassidy explains. 

We saw the trio of friends moving their cattle into the stock show, but months of work off-camera go into prepping a heifer before they hit the road.

“When the kids get out of school, they’d come, and just like a basketball practice, we have cattle practice,” Clint explains. 

The three girls have spent countless hours in the show barn: halter training, clipping, grooming, and just spending time together. Although it’s different from what their friends do, the girls say showing their heifers is just like any other sport.

“You bond with all of your teammates, so at the end of the year, you’re very close to your cow and that’s just like your friend,” Kassidy says.

Her sister Kylie sided with that sentiment.

“It’s more than just a show, and just an animal,” she adds. “To me, it’s my best friend. I go out there every weekend and I just bond with her. She’s like my best friend.”

After more pampering, Kylie will show her heifer, Maple, and Kassidy will show her heifer, Misty, on Friday morning.

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