Monument Health says vaccination is better than infection and safer


RAPID CITY, S.D. — As the omicron variant increases hospitalization numbers at Monument Health, doctors there continue to advocate for vaccination.

The latest statistics for Monument Health’s Rapid City Hospital shows around 70 COVID patients with about 85 to 90 percent being unvaccinated. Physicians continue to say getting the vaccine is your best defense against hospitalization.

Dr Kurra MaskThey are also cautioning against a recent trend of what they call “Self-infection,” saying that even if you’ve had the virus it may not provide full immunity.

Monument Health Vice President of Medical Affairs Dr. Shankar Kurra says intentionally contracting the virus is a dangerous line of thinking.

“It is dangerous thinking to go get the infection two reasons, one you could end up in the hospital or die or have Long COVID,” Dr. Kurra said. “The second reason is, getting the infection itself could be mild and not effective and the next variant could be a problem.”

Dr. Kurra also says that those who have been vaccinated should also get a booster, warning that infection could lead to “Long COVID,” which is organ damage that could effect a person’s quality of life.

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