Monument Health pledges $1M in funding for West River Crisis Stabilization Unit

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Monument Health announced Thursday their plan to support the county’s Crisis Stabilization Unit currently under construction in Rapid City.

$1 million, spread out over four years, helps fill the gap in funding already authorized by the state legislature.

It’s a public-private partnership designed to support the community and fill the need for local mental health services.

Thumbnail Img 8239While Monument Health does operate a 50-plus-bed behavioral health hospital, they’re often full, meaning people who need care get sent across the state and away from family.

“So this keeps our families, our patients, the people we care about closer to home, and then they can have their continued outpatient therapy here in this community,” says Paulette Davidson, Monument Health’s president and CEO.

The center will also help divert traffic from local emergency rooms, and take the pressure off police to handle mental health crises.

“Law enforcement will be able to take individuals that need mental health support directly to the new West River Crisis Stabilization Unit, which is important,” Davidson says. “They won’t have to take them to one of our emergency departments unless they have a medical need.”

The Crisis Stabilization Unit is set to be complete by the end of this year, and will serve not only Pennington County, but 10 surrounding counties in western South Dakota.

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