Monument Health physicians give tips to keep kids warm for Trick or Treating

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Trick or Treaters looking to claim their horde of candy this weekend may want to bundle up, it will be more than ghosts sending chills down your spine this Halloween.

Cold weather will be making its way through over the weekend with it looking to be below freezing for Trick or Treating.

Although costumes are great for looking like your favorite character, most offer very little for protection from the elements.

That’s why physicians at Monument Health recommend bundling up under your little one’s costume.

“Kids can get excited for the candy and the fun of Halloween and forget that they get cold until it’s too late,” said Monument Health Emergency Physician Dr. Brook Eide. “So, the big thing is to have room under your costumes for plenty layering of clothing and that’s really the key here is to keep your kids layered. That way if they get warm they can take something off. We want to keep them as warm as possible as the night gets colder.”

According to Dr. Eide, the extremities furthest from the heart are at the most risk to the cold like fingers and toes.

He also reminds parents of children with allergies to look through their child’s candy to avoid a reaction.

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