Monument Health officials say it’s time to get your Flu shot

As flu season approaches, Monument Health officials say that now is the time to get your flu shot.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Monument Health officials say the time to go get your flu shot has arrived.

According to Dana Darger, the Director of Pharmacy at Monument Health in Rapid City, the state has seen cases come in at a fraction of what they have in the past. In 2019, over 12,,000 cases were reported in South Dakota a stark contrast to last year, when just over 50 cases were reported.

Darger says this is the time to get the shot before flu season starts to ramp up in February.

“Now the shots have typically an activity of about six months, so if you get vaccinated too early, it’s going to wear off about the time we hit our full flow flu season in western South Dakota, so this is a perfect time to start getting vaccinated from now until about the end of November is when we’d really recommend it,” Darger said.

Darger adds that Monument Health has seen a drop in people getting vaccinations for shingles and pneumonia. He says those who should get those shots are typically older and at higher risk for COVID.

“We really believe it’s because people are sort of avoiding going to physicians offices, and it’s a sort of a bad thing that’s happening out of all of the COVID is that because there’s so many people sick, that they’re worried about sitting in a physician’s waiting room,” Darger said. “It’s important for patients, anyone over the age of 65 absolutely needs to get a pneumonia shot.”

Darger stresses that the flu shot isn’t a guarantee you won’t get it, but it greatly cuts down on more serious cases.

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