Monument Health has narrowed it down to four possible names for the new arena at ‘The Monument’

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Monument Health is asking for us to vote on the four finalists in the name the new Civic Center arena competition.

More than 600 people submitted their idea for the name and Monument has narrowed it down to the four.

Hero Arena, Summit Arena, B21 Arena, and Paha Sapa Arena

Voting on the new name concludes on Friday, December 11.

Melissa Haught, Director of Strategic Marketing at Monument Health said, “You know the new arena as well as the entire ‘The Monument’ is such a crucial part of not only Rapid City by the entire Black Hills area. And so we wanted to include the public and the communities in naming it.”

The winning name will be announced on December 17, and you can follow the link here to vote on your favorite one.


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