Monument Health gives unused beds to Youth & Family Services

Thursday, Monument Health Rapid City made a second donation of unused hospital beds to Youth and Family Services, with a total of 91 beds donated.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The space that Monument Health set up for COVID -19 patient overflow, and only used for a handful of patients, originally had 160 beds.

Monument Health bed donation

Monument Health bed donation

Monument Health bed donation

Last month, Monument Health gave 75 beds to Youth & Family Services, and today finished the donation with an additional 16 beds to the organization.

Monument will maintain 75 beds for future patient use or for staff to utilize in case they need to stay overnight at the hospital.

Monument Health bed donation

The bed donations could be considered a silver lining that came out of the pandemic.

Jace Brock with Monument Health Supply Chain Department says, “I believe that their relationship to the families in our community is absolutely as important as our role in the community so it just felt like a natural fit for us to work with them and support their services.”

Monument also donated chairs and over-bed tables to YFS.

Monument Health bed donation

Staff members from YFS and Monument Health loaded up the beds this morning, which will be given to families enrolled in YFS programs.

91 beds in total will be used by YFS to fill a need in Black Hills communities.

Brianna Nelson, Youth & Family Services Communications Coordinator, says, “We have a lot of families who have lots of siblings who have previously been sleeping on the floor, has no furniture in their homes and so this is a huge gift for kids who have maybe had to share beds or didn’t have one to have their very own beds, so we are very excited to get these to kids and families.”

Monument Health bed donation

Brianna adds that donations to YFS for bedding, blankets, pillows, and children’s pajamas would be appreciated.

Each year the organization serves more that 1,300 kids and families in western South Dakota.

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