Monument Health contract unanimously approved by Civic Center Board

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Civic Center board members unanimously voted Tuesday morning in favor of the naming rights recently awarded to Monument Health.

The vote at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, which will eventually be The Monument, came after several representatives from Monument Health and the Black Hills Orthopedic and Spine Center spoke about a portion of the contract dealing with sports medicine.

Section 9 of the contract names Monument Health as the “exclusive sports medicine provider for all events;” an item clarified by Robin Zebroski, the Strategic Marketing and Communications VP for Monument Health. Zebroski says the availability of orthopedic surgeons and trainers at sporting events on behalf of Monument would not be in place of an outside organization’s own care.

The Black Hills Orthopedic and Spine Center serves as the official team orthopedic doctors for Central and Stevens High School, St. Thomas More High School, and Sturgis Brown High School.

“We’re going to work together to make sure that kids that have those doctors or trainers, those relationships can continue to be here and be part of the events that take place,” said Monument Health’s President and CEO, Paulette Davidson.

The Rapid City Rush Hockey Team is exempt from being required to use Monument Health’s care however, the contract says once the team’s current sports medicine contract expires Monument Health is to be given an opportunity to negotiate services.

The contract also says that Monument Health will hold quarterly health fairs in conjunction with some of the city’s largest events such as the Stock Show, Black Hills Powwow, and LNI.

Officials at Monument Health say they will be ready to host a health fair in conjunction with the 2020 Black Hills Stock Show beginning January 31 which is before the effective term of agreement, July 1, 2021.

The $360,000/year contract will run through June 30, 2031.

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