Monument Health breaks ground on Cancer Institute expansion

Ground for an expansion of the Cancer Institute has been broken at the east end of the Rapid City Hospital campus.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Monument Health’s Cancer Care Institute is expanding, taking the first step toward it’s new facility on Thursday.

Ground has been broken at the east end of the Rapid City Hospital campus.

The $36 million facility will encompass 70,000 square feet, which doubles the size of the current Cancer Institute.

It will provide much needed space for patient care and keep people close to home for their treatments.

Cancer Care Institute 7

“I think keeping people closer to home, for people that would normally have to travel, clearly is the focus of our communities in the region, so we’re excited about the project,” said Paulette Davidson, the President and CEO of Monument Health. “It is a great day for us in Rapid City.”

The Monument Health Foundation, meanwhile, today announced that it surpassed its $8.5 million goal to help fund the project.

Two-million dollars of the “Together We Can” campaign funds came from community donations, while the rest of the money was raised by Monument over the years.

“On January 13, we announced that we had two million remaining on our $8.5 million capital campaign and it’s so exciting that in this short amount of time since then, we reached our goal of raising over two-million dollars,” said Robin Zebroski, the Vice President of the Monument Health Foundation.

The Cancer Institute is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2023.

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