Monday Forecast: The Nostalgic 90’s

Temperatures will be above average most days, save for Wednesday. Another 90° day looks likely for Rapid City

  • Another short and sweet forecast, with sunny, dry conditions today with a few high thins clouds possible throughout the day
  • The high thin clouds are basically the exhaust from storms down in Colorado and should pass by harmlessly

  • 90s look likely North and East of the Black Hills, with the chance for a few mid 90s as you head out into the interior and the Badlands
  • Wyoming and the higher elevations of the Black Hills could escape with low to mid 80s overall

  • We’re going to need to pay attention to fire danger moving into today and tomorrow, given that relative humidity values are going to be dipping into the 20’s and teens this afternoon.
  • A slight Southwesterly breeze wont help things either, as these dry winds will further parch the vegetation across the region as plenty of sunshine coats the area. Just make sure we’re playing it safe out there

  • Tuesday will see a little relief from the dry oven as moisture and slightly cooler temperatures move through with a passing cold front in the afternoon
  • Isolated thunderstorms will be possible across the region, with another round possible overnight into Wednesday for areas North of the Black Hills.

Wild swings in temperature are very normal for the Black Hills region during September, where records are between the 100 mark and into the 20s in some cases. Good time to double check that winter gear still works, get the gloves out of the dusty closet and just have them ready. (Although some of us never had time to put them away given our late May Snowstorms). Hopefully the ridge will hold and place and continue providing us relative warm and dry weather, as farmers could certainly use the extra time given our late start in the Spring. Things look cool and unsettled for this weekend. Anybody else notice all the bugs trying to get inside? They know something we don’t, I’m just saying! Be safe out there folks – Brant

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