Moccasin Springs is the perfect place for relaxation and wellness

Moccasin Springs 2First adorned for its healing waters, stories have been passed down of indigenous people soaking in the warm mineral waters. First named Minnekahta after its Lakota name, the town was renamed Hot Springs in 1882, which is a translation of the Native American name.

This particular area featured soakers, enjoying the waters of the red rock, moccasin-shaped pool and debuted as a Black Hills spa in 1881. A few years later, a bath house was built around the water and later closed in 1963.

Kara Hagen purchased the area in 2014 and began the renovation process, leaving as much authenticity as possible. Moccasin Springs opened in 2019, returning to its original name given by the native people who honored the water as medicine. It now serves as a destination for health and wellness.

Moccasin Springs Natural Mineral Spa

Moccasin Springs is a great destination where you can bring someone to get a massage, have a nice lunch or dinner, schedule treatments and soak in the hot springs.

Right now, they have:

  • Two hot pools – 98 to 102 degrees
  • Big, hot pool – seats about 25 people and it’s going to range from 103 to 105 degrees
  • The cold pool – 87 to 88 degrees
  • Knipe therapy – you go from the hot to the cold
  • Eight therapists who do everything from polarity, cranial sacral, Swedish to deep tissue massages, cupping and raindrop therapy with essential oils

During the wintertime, some people like to do snow angels and then get in the hot spring.

Other amenities include Buffalo Dreamer, a restaurant specializing in organic farm to table cuisine.

Moccasin Springs is open year-round and you can learn more by visiting their website.

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