Mobile Dental bus offers free services for RCAS students

Rapid City Area School Students are getting dental services free this week from the Delta Dental Mobile Program.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The Delta Dental Mobile Program is serving Rapid City Area School students this week. They are providing free oral health services to under served children, including everything from a sealant to a root canal.

Delta Dental Mobile Clinic

Delta Dental Mobile Clinic

The bus is parked outside of Robbinsdale Elementary School, but students at other schools who need dental care will be bused to the mobile clinic for examinations and restorative work.

The Black Hills United Way and Black Hills READS Program are covering the costs needed to bring the bus back, which has a $2,500 price tag.

Delta Dental Mobile Clinic

School staff are grateful to have the bus back for a second year to help students in need.

Sateera Thompsen, Robbinsdale School Nurse, says, “A little gal today had to eat in my office because she had so much pain in her mouth, and it took her probably an extra half hour to eat. So yes the dental needs are great and it does hinder their learning in school because if you have pain, it’s really difficult to focus.”

Delta Dental Bus, worker

The dental bus will be back in January and April to focus on middle and high school students.

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