Mission 22 to hold 24-hour walk in Rapid City

Raising awareness of veteran suicide

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Mission 22 is stepping up this weekend for veterans and everyone is invited to show their support.

Mission 22 WalkBeginning Saturday, April 30 at 8 a.m., Chris Cooper, will be walking the track at O’Harra Stadium for 24 hours to honor the 22 veterans lost every day to suicide.

Cooper is the Region Leader for Mission 22 representing South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Utah. He says this region has the highest veteran population per capita and unfortunately, one of the higher suicide rates per capita in the country.

The goal of this weekend’s walk is to show the community’s support for veterans and to get the message out about the abundance of resources available to all.

“We offer everything from just someone to talk to, to service dogs, horse therapy,” said Cooper. “We have a year-long program called Recovery and Resiliency and what that entails is [Veterans] get supplements, gym memberships, they get a health coach, the read different books that help them go along the way of their recovery, and many other tools that they can use that help them re-energize themselves; refocus themselves when they’re having the hard days.”

Cooper adds that anyone who has lost someone to suicide or would like to just show support for all those affected by suicide, can come down to walk alongside the mission.

“It’s not just for military people,” said Cooper. “If you know anyone who’s lost someone to suicide come down and walk. We will have a banner that they can write their names on, they can write messages of hope if they want to, even if they haven’t lost anyone to suicide if they want to show their support for those who are struggling and come down, walk a lap, walk two laps, hours, whatever they want to do, it would be great.”

For more information on Mission 22, visit their website or reach out to Chris Cooper at 605-858-8482 or by email at chris@mission22.com.

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