Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women march for those who have been silenced

RAPID CITY, S.D. – On Thursday men, women, and children marched for those who no longer have a voice. Local organizers of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) HeSapa hosted the march downtown. 

They marched to advocate for missing and murdered indigenous women and wore red in honor of those still missing.

They chanted powerful phrases such as, “No more stolen sisters,” and “honor our life-givers.”

The overall goal was to bring awareness to an issue that is prominent in Rapid City. Native American Indian women are 7 times more likely to be the victims of homicide. Even more shocking, 4 out of 5 indigenous women are victims of sexual and violent crimes.

A significant amount of the women that go missing are not logged in legal records, therefore they are never found.

Members of MMIW are working on the state level to change laws regarding missing and murdered indigenous women. Two of Rapid City’s MMIW members went to Pierre to propose laws that can protect Native American women.

This issue has gone on for centuries and this group of Native American women in Rapid City hopes to be the voice that changes everything.


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