MIND OVER MATTER: Black Hills State athletic teams utilizing app for mental training

Black Hills State University is utilizing an APP that will aid the university's athletes in mental health training.

SPEARFISH, S.D. — Being a college student athlete comes with lifting sessions, meetings, practices and not to mention the upkeep of school work and classes.

But all is done with one goal, to be a champion.

Bhsu App 2

Student athletes at Black Hills State University are going about it thanks to some high-tech help in order to create better versions of themselves.

The app, The Champions Mind App, was created towards the end of 2019. It’s currently being used in 30-40 countries with its main focus being used on U.S. College Sports.

A major goal is the app is to prepare the athletes for their respective sport  through mind and body. But, a bigger part of it is really what’s preparing them for the future.

“There’s a huge correlation between the skills that you develop as an athlete, those leadership skills, those confidence skills and then your success through the rest of your life,” said The Champions Mind App Co-Founder, Dave Kearney.

Kearney says that the app is meant to help all athletes at all levels.

The app is normally subscription based but Kearney is giving BHSE an opportunity to use it for its mental health training.

“They’re piloting it through our university, through our athletic department, so we’re actually kinda getting a free trial base run through it and so now we have access to it for a full year and so it’s been wonderful to have that access and I do think it’s going to make a huge difference and it already has,” said BHSU Head Football Coach, Josh Breske.

It’s also being used by the volleyball team, that’s in the middle of its season that’s unique because of the pandemic.

“If we were trying to do mental training up in the classroom, a thirty-minute session or something like that that’s scheduled, it would have to be moving and shifting constantly, so the fact that we can use the app on the bus, on the road, you know, a quick text out ‘work on this’ I think makes it very user friendly, specifically in COVID,” said BHSU Head Volleyball Coach, Kristin Carmichael.

Each module has a specific purpose for the athletes.

“Through each module and through all the different content, you learn different things about yourself and then once you put all those together, I feel like you definitely become a better, strong athlete through it,” said Junior Outside Hitter, Madee Hoopman.

Listening to a message that’s about more than their future.

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