Million Mask global challenge

RAPID CITY, S.D. — An embroidery company in Cleveland, Ohio named Pins and Needles is in the process of making a million masks and is asking for help around the globe.

A global sew-a-thon is being put on in order to provide health care workers with the masks that they need during the pandemic.

All of the masks made are up to CDC guidelines.

The goal is to have ten-thousand masks made in the next three weeks.

The original idea was to make masks just for the northeast Ohio area, but the need for masks is so great Pins and Needles wants the whole world to participate.

Pins and Needles owner, Connor Brostek said “We don’t know what’s happening next, lets get these masks made and start local. If we all focus on local it will go global, so it’s about helping our neighbors. Our local hospitals and nursing homes, everyone should have a mask.”

If you are interested in getting involved with the sew-a-thon we have links to Pins and Needles and the Sew It Online websites below.

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