Meteorology and Emergency Management professionals talk forecast and alert developments

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Rapid City has dedicated this week to the commemoration of the 1972 Flood, with a variety of events, from bike rides to panels.

Flood PanelOne panel Thursday included National Weather Service Warning Coordination Meteorologist Susan Sanders, Deputy Director of Rapid City Pennington County Emergency Management Alexa White, National Weather Service Hydrologist Melissa Smith and NewsCenter1 Chief Emeritus Bob Riggio.

They discussed how forecasting and emergency management have changed since 1972, and how technology has improved forecasting and alerts. The importance of preparation for any kind of emergency was emphasized.

“I would say we’re more prepared now with our responders, with our technology,” says Alexa White. “However, I think people generally can be more complacent because we have all those things to rely on, that they don’t look ahead and think, ‘Oh, what what could happen today? Or what do I need to be prepared for?'”

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