Meteorological spring is almost here! Here’s what you can expect the weather to be like this week


RAPID CITY, S.D. – Let’s check out what the weather will be like as we finish out February and head into March. March 1 marks the start of meteorological spring!

Temperature trends: 

After a week of record setting cold, we’ll be a little closer to average this week. Though, there will be a little hiccup in the middle of the week with a weak disturbance expected to move through our area. Wednesday looks like it will be our only day with a high temperature below freezing.

Will we get any precipitation?

We will have a slight chance for precipitation each day for the first half of the week.

Will it be windy?

There will be several breezy days throughout this week as we are entering our transition season and the jet stream begins to shift towards the north.

What should I wear?

Typical late winter/early spring attire should be just fine for this week. Though, you might want a heavier jacket if you plan on being out at night.

Weekend forecast:

With highs in the 40s and a decent amount of sun, this weekend is shaping up to be pretty nice. There is a very slight chance of precipitation on Sunday, but, at this point, it looks unlikely that anything will materialize. Just make sure you’re paying attention to the forecast as we get a little closer to the weekend.

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