Messy Wednesday: Black Hills getting a mix of everything

Fog, Rain, Freezing Drizzle, Sleet, Graupel, Snow, Winds, and dropping temperatures will all be a part of the forecast Wednesday

  • Tuesday will be mild, and relatively quiet with temperatures in the 40s and a few 50s.
  • Clouds will begin building this evening in anticipation of our next system on Wednesday
  • It’s going to be a messy timeline – with multiple swings between partly cloudy skies, fog, ice, snow, wind and more.

  • Starting with late Tuesday evening, a surface cold front will drop temperatures at the surface into the thirties and hold them through Wednesday morning.
  • Fog, Mist and freezing drizzle are expected in portions of our area, particularly along the I-90 corridor.
  • We could even have some breaks in the weather, with partly cloudy skies in the morning and portions of the afternoon – this won’t hold.
  • As the day progresses into the afternoon, clouds will thicken and chances for stedy precipitation will increase – particularly towards rush hour in the Black Hills 4-7 PM.

  • Winds will already be kickin’ by early Wednesday morning, the South Dakota plains receiving the highest wind gusts around 35-45 mph.
  • This will keep temperatures in the 30s for the most part, with dropping temperatures in the afternoon.

  • By Wednesday evening, a full transition to snow is expected across most of the region – winds will be gusting up to 45 mph from the North.
  • Light to moderate bands will be on and off throughout the evening – particularly along the I-90 corridor int he Black Hills and the Bear Lodge Mountains.
  • Even with light snow, gusty winds could reduce visibility, and don’t forget that freezing drizzle earlier in the day could make things slick with very little accumulations needed.
  • Temperatures will continue to drop into the 20s.

  • Once again, not expecting large accumulations across the region, save for some moderate amounts in Lawrence County and the I-90 corridor fro Sundance to just outside Rapid City.
  • 1″-3″ likely in Northeastern Wyoming, with a Trace up to an inch for areas North of the Black Hills.
  • Rapid City could see 1″-3″, but I’m leaning towards the lower side of that range – you just have to be careful being in the Eastern foothills during systems like this.
  • The big deal will be the possibility of ice lying just beneath the snow – take it slow around curves and don’t assume wet roads are only wet, especially on bridges and overpasses.

  • If you look at my 3-day forecast, Wednesday is a bit of a mess and I admit that – I didn’t even have room to put “windy”
  • Good news is by early Thursday morning most of this is clearing out, leaving us with cooler, but drier conditions.
  • Friday and Saturday recovers nicely into the 40s and 50s respectively, with a possible system coming through Sunday evening.


There is something on the horizon which points to a good sized system moving through the middle portion of the country next week. The good news, most of the heavy impacts look like they’ll move just South and East of us, missing the Black Hills for the most part. The bad news is if you need to travel East through the Midwest in the middle portion of next week, this is something you’ll need to watch carefully. Things could still shift, so clearly nothing in stone yet but so far signs are pointing towards a classic Thanksgiving traffic stopper. We’ll keep you updated as this forecast develops, be careful out there on Wednesday! – Brant

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