Men’s Oxford House opens its doors in Rapid City

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City’s first men’s Oxford House opened its doors on Friday, with its first resident moving in on Saturday. Oxford House provides recovering addicts with stable, encouraging environments after beginning their sobriety journey.

For many who fight and conquer addiction, the real battle begins when they step back into the world. Oxford Houses across the country accept recovering addicts who have become clean and sober, offering a home filled with encouragement, resources, and love.

Lora Griffin of Oxford House Outreach understands how crucial this support system is. She celebrates four years of sobriety and has lived in a few Oxford Houses herself, crediting her newfound passion for life to these homes.

When I first moved in an Oxford House, I was hopeless. I was scared. I didn’t know what I was going to do because all I knew was my addiction and how I was in my addiction,” she says. 

After a women’s Oxford House saw great success in the area, Rapid City saw a chance to offer hope to men in the community too.

“I had to jump on the opportunity because I had to show the community and the people around us that recovery does happen, and that we can do it successfully,” Griffin adds. 

Oxford Houses are self-supporting, meaning that the residents pay rent and bills, which helps them develop the skills necessary to become successful in society again. Men will be encouraged to maintain jobs, and they’ll even get help with interviews from outreach workers.

Griffin is excited to watch as men find success here after addiction.

“I see them become employable, I see them become an absolute blessing to their neighbors. It’s just a miracle that we all as addicts and alcoholics can move forward with our lives and we don’t have to have the substance in our bodies to do so,” she says.

Oxford Houses allow residents to stay as long as they want, with one stipulation. They must remain clean. If you want to help, you can donate furniture, dishes, linens, and other items by reaching out to Oxford House Rushmore or Oxford House Outreach.

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