Meet “Goose” the dog who works at Arrowhead Country Club

RAPID CITY, S.D. — There are a lot of people who work to make Arrowhead Country Club clean and ready to play on year-round, but there’s one employee in particular that we want to introduce you to.

Her name is Goose and she’s a dog.

Chris Barnes is the Assistant Superintendent at Arrowhead Country Club and he’s Goose’s handler. “We had an issue with geese being on the course, kind of making a mess and hanging out in the ponds. So we tried a few different ways of dispersing them, did some decoys and stuff like that but they didn’t work. So I suggested a border collie because border collies work better for geese control because they naturally act like a predator, even though they’re not, they’re not gonna harm anything. They like to her. They’re herding animals. They like to work. They work really well for scaring geese off a little bit,” said Barnes.

But that’s exactly what the Arrowhead County Club needed. Barnes said “a bunch of the members came together and raised some money to purchase her and I decided I would take care of her and have her along with me. I’m not a professional trainer but I said I could train her enough to do what we wanted her to do.”

Barnes bought Goose from a sheep-herding dog breeder in Allen, South Dakota and the members who helped raise the money to buy her, picked out her name. “I just worked with her as a pup, she’s about a year and a half old now.  Just worked with her, took her out. Showed her the birds and just tell her to go after ‘em. And she would just kind of act like a hunter kind of creep around and wouldn’t really chase after ‘em until they started to move and then she would take off after ‘em and then they’d fly away. It’s worked out pretty well, she’s a great dog, she just keeps the geese away for us.”

Not only does Goose get to run to her little hearts content, she also has access to the pond and full Arrowhead Country Club even pays her vet bills.Barnes adds that “she’s always ready to come to work, definitely. A golf course is a great place for a dog to be.”




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