Medicare limits coverage of $28,000-a-year Alzheimer’s drug


PHOTO: A vial and packaging for the drug Aduhelm, Photo Date: Undated
Credit: Biogen

WASHINGTON (AP) — Medicare says it will limit coverage of a $28,000-a-year Alzheimer’s drug whose benefits have been widely questioned.

Tuesday’s decision from the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services is a major development in the nation’s tug-of-war over the fair value of new medicines that offer tantalizing possibilities but come with prohibitive prices.

It means that patients taking Biogen’s Aduhelm medication will have to be part of research efforts to assess the drug’s effectiveness in slowing the progression of dementia.

The drug has sparked controversy since its approval by the Food and Drug Administration last June, which came against the recommendation of the agency’s outside advisers.

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