“Medically Minded” brand hand sanitizer recalled due to methanol concerns

MedicallymindedLAS VEGAS — Global Sanitizers is voluntarily recalling fifty-thousand units of its Medically Minded hand sanitizer after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found the product to contain methanol.

The lot numbers: E212020 and E082020 Best Buy 5/21/22 are being recalled. Medically Minded hand sanitizer is packaged in 8.5 oz./250ml. clear bottles with caps and have the following UPC: 7675300359. It was distributed nationwide to wholesale companies around July 10, 2020.

Substantial methanol exposure can result in coma, seizures, permanent blindness, permanent nervous system damage, and death. Young children who accidentally ingest the product and adolescents and adults drinking the sanitizer as an alcohol substitute are at the greatest risk for methanol poisoning, although all persons using the products on their hands are at risk.

To date, Global Sanitizers has not received any reports of adverse reactions related to the recall.

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