Medical marijuana, City Transportation Services & Landscaping revisions highlight “Coffee with Planners” session

Medical marijuana, the City's Transportation Service and Landscaping previsions were the main topics of discussion in a "Coffee with Planners" session on Thursday.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City residents raised concerns and had their questions answered by city officials during a “Coffee with Planners” session on Thursday morning.

Medical cannabis, which became legal on Thursday in South Dakota, was the hot topic.

The city says it’s waiting on clarification of key elements in the new program to help officials know what can be governed, and how. After the state provides clarification, the city will explore how it will permit the use and sale of medical cannabis.

“We will then see what the state brings forward,” said Vicki Fisher, the Interim Community Development Director for the City of Rapid City. “We may have to do an amendment if something’s been missed, but for now we want to be prepared so that when this all does come into effect that the city is ready to go forward with permitting.”

Fisher also says that the impending decision from the South Dakota Supreme Court regarding Recreational Marijuana needs to be in the forefront of planners’ minds.

As plans become clear, the city may need to make changes and cover all its bases.

“Around the corner, we may be looking at recreational marijuana, so wherever we’re allowing these uses for medical cannabis, we have to anticipate that in time, that could convert also to recreation, so just making sure that we’re not missing anything, probably one of the biggest concerns,” Fisher said.

Other topics at Thursday’s meeting included city transportation services and landscaping revisions.

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