Med Spa located in the Rushmore Mall offers patients convenience with personalized care

RAPID CITY, S.D. – In a fee-for-service based medical system, one local woman is focusing on patient care and support through her practice and choice in location. Previously located in downtown Rapid City, BeautyMed moved to the Rushmore Mall in Feb. 2020, a location they hope will be more easily accessible for patients in the Black Hills area.

“Our new location offers the opportunity to bring aesthetics to a central, more easily accessible location for patients,” said Nic Yost, CNP, Fnp-Bc, owner and operator of BeautyMed. Yost explained that the move aligned well with her company’s focus in bringing easily accessible, patient-focused medicine and non-invasive aesthetic care to the area.


Yost, who was first drawn to aesthetics after a journey in weight loss, self-care, and disease management/prevention in which she lost 80 pounds and found control over a painful and hard to manage disease; Fibromyalgia. Additionally, she completely resolved her hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease, and prediabetes. Having already been in the medical field as a CNP and after seeing the success of products such as an injectable and natural weight loss solution that provided actual results for herself, Yost decided to open a med spa that combined the concepts of med spa and medical practice.

This has allowed Yost to provide a more personalized approach to treating conditions. “I have more say in how long I can spend with my patients and how personal I can be, allowing the opportunity to deal with prevention first, and disease if it happens,” said Yost. “And I’m happy to treat disease, there is a place for pharmaceuticals and medication, but I also think that medicine doesn’t really allow enough time for prevention. And prevention can literally save a life. The same can be said with aesthetics, prevention can save you from surgical intervention, from a facelift, from a brow lift.”

Through her passion to find solutions for her patients, Yost discovered an FDA approved laser treatment that heals scars, tightens skin and is approved for vaginal and urinary rejuvenation to offer at the new location.

“I love Botox, fillers and vitamin drips, but found there really wasn’t anything for tightening skin,” said Yost, “My research led me to this particular laser. It not only tightened skin but provided so much more.”

The laser penetrates the skin deep enough so the body can begin to heal itself on the cellular level. This can help the appearance of scars, including deep surgical scars, hyper-pigmentation, and wrinkles. The machine “goes deeper” said Yost than anything else on the market and allows her to offer another full modality for skin tightening as well as an FDA approved solution for rejuvenation. “I think skin tightening and the vaginal and urinary rejuvenation solution that this machine provides solves huge quality of life issues for my patients,” said Yost.

Joining Yost at the Rushmore Mall location are two registered nurses, two aestheticians and an expansion of services and outreach locations for continued patient convenience. One RN will provide Botox, fillers and vitamin supplements in the Faith, Eagle Butte, and Mobridge areas, while the other will work directly with Yost at BeautyMed. The two aestheticians will allow for services such as waxing, teeth whitening, airbrush tanning, microdermabrasion, and general facial solutions.

The expansion of services allows for more solutions for common medical and aesthetic problems but may leave some patients unsure of what they need. Yost offers free consultations to help patients identify the right solution. For more information on BeautyMed and the full list of services Yost provides go to

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