Meals on Wheels holds 39th Non-Event Event

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Organizations often hold galas and elaborate dinners to raise funds and awareness for their causes, but not Meals On Wheels. They hold a Non-Event Event.

A mailer is usually sent as a reminder of the good Meals On Wheels does throughout the community, but with COVID-19, it was a prime time to get social…online.

Meals On Wheels serves approximately 500 elderly people in Rapid City, and around 1,300 throughout the Black Hills Monday through Friday, and has seen a 30% increase since the start of COVID. Those touched by the organization were encouraged to post about their experiences with the organization, dress up, or even recreate meals from the program.

“It’s not just about the food, it’s about making those connections,” said Jodi Litz, the development director for the program. “It’s about making sure the people in your life are safe and well taken care of. Oftentimes we’re the only people they see all day long. So, it really is truly more about those aspects than just the food. Of course the food and the nutrition that goes along with senior health is incredibly important, and that is the foundation for meals on wheels, hence the name. But really it goes far, far beyond that.”

Wellness checks have in some cases saved clients lives, a relief to family who otherwise may not have been present to help their loved ones.

During the days event, one client recalled a volunteer saving her life after a fall left her on the ground and unable to call for help for six hours. The volunteer called 911 and waited for emergency services to arrive, ensuring the clients safety.

Meals On Wheels is hoping continue providing this vital service and always welcomes volunteers and donations.

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