Meadowbrook Elementary students jump for heart health

RAPID CITY, S.D. — It appears there’s some pretty good money to be made by jumping rope, especially when the money goes toward the heart.

For the last six weeks, students at Meadowbrook Elementary in Rapid City have been jumping for heart health. Physical education teacher Shelly Vidas has been leading students in morning jump rope and teaching them how to do a Philippine folk dance.

The event culminated in a jump rope competition and dance performance for parents Thursday afternoon..

“We are going to be doing this jump rope celebration, and we raise money for children who need help with their hearts.” explained Meadowbrook student Nyla Rouse.

“So we do have a jump rope competition every time, but we also do have a routine and we perform it up on the stage.” said Meadowbrook student Layton Lindberg.

Meadowbrook students were able to raise over $6,700 for the American Heart Association in their Jump for Heart Challenge.

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