Meade County voters approve rural county ambulance district

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Meade County is getting a rural ambulance district. The vote was a landslide 480-66 in favor of the new district, with 30% voter turnout.

The new district will handle calls in areas outside of Sturgis, rather than have the city ambulance responding at an added expense to the city. The plan now is to elect a board of directors to conduct an assessment and develop a pay structure for homes and businesses.

“We canvas, then that sets off another 60 day election for them to get their board of directors.” Said Lisa Schieffer, Meade County auditor. “That would have to be five people we would have that election May 19th. In order for that to get passed then they would be able to incorporate and also start doing their taxing which is done by October 1st.”

The city of Sturgis general fund has provided the ambulance service at a cost of roughly $100,000 a year. The city felt it couldn’t afford to keep that up and remain fiscally responsible.

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