Meade County School Board looking into new potential high school

The school would be located in the area of Summerset and Piedmont.

MEADE COUNTY, S.D. — Since 2010, the Meade County population has jumped 17% , according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

That growth is being seen in two areas specifically.

Meade County Schools 9

“I think that’s the highest growth area at this point in time is down in southern Meade County close to the Piedmont, Summerset area,” said Don Kirkegaard, the Superintendent of the Meade County School District.

Administrators say there’s a need for more schools. The district built a new elementary school in Piedmont in 2011. But it’s now looking for an expansion, that will add eight classrooms with a price tag of about $4 million.

“We had 400 some students. We thought we were going to have a building that would last for many years to come and it was at capacity three years down the road,” Kirkegaard said.

A high school may also be in the works, but the timeline is foggy, possibly as much as a decade with the current spending. School board members say that the way to go about getting extra funds, without raising taxes, would be cutting current programs.

“If you were to look at an ideal situation and everybody was happy with whatever the board did, we could maximize that mill levy,” said Aaron Odegaard, a Member of the Meade County School Board. “We could cut back on several other areas of funding that are fairly substantial, and we could probably come up with a little bit more money sooner than later. But again, you know, there’s give and take with that.”

The Meade County School Board says it will continue gathering public input before coming to a final decision.

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