McDonalds’ Quarter Pounder monument unveiled in Rapid City

Photo credit: Rapid City Municipal Government

RAPID CITY, S.D. — On Wednesday, Rapid City Council Member Darla Drew unveiled a monument commemorating the McDonalds ‘Quarter Pounder’ cheeseburger at the McDonalds restaurant located at 3919 Cheyenne Boulevard in Rapid City.

For over 50 years, McDonalds has served  the ‘Quarter Pounder’ to customers who have a love for beef.

The monument measures eight feet wide and sits on a nine foot granite base. The sesame seeds on the bun are reported to be more than 20 times the size of the sesame seeds on a regular Quarter Pounder sandwich.

Taking over 1800 hours to create, the brass monument also features the inscription “Hot and deliciously juicy” in Latin on the base.

The monument would have done Mayor McCheese proud.





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