Mayor Steve Allender vetoes permit for rescue mission

RAPID CITY, S.D. — For only his second time as Rapid City Mayor, Steve Allender has vetoed a council decision.

The mayor has put the kibosh on a conditional use permit for a rescue mission, to be run by RV Ministries on East North Street.

The mayor cites public safety and the poor location of the facility as the reasons for his veto, adding the area can’t handle an increase in pedestrian traffic that would come with the mission.  The mayor also believes confusion may have contributed to the council’s approval of the permit.

“At the end of the night, when we received the vote of approval from the council, it wasn’t clear what conditions were being approved,” Allender said. “The written plan submitted by RV Ministries was in many ways different than what they spoke of that night at the meeting. So, at the end of the meeting I don’t believe the record on the council’s approval was clear.”

The veto will now go to an override vote before the current common council on Monday night, before new council members are sworn in.

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