Mayor Allender proposes to trim city budget by over $6 million due to COVID-19 pandemic

RAPID CITY,S.D. — Rapid City Mayor Steve Allender is proposing more than $6.5 million in budget cuts.

Funding cuts are for departments funded by general fund dollars.

In the proposal, the Public Works Department will be cut $1.5 million and the Parks and Recreation Department by $1.4 million.

With public pools closed, the city estimates $5,000 a day can be saved.

“In a normal year, kids are important, quality of life is important, city amenities are important and this is an exception to that year where we realize that we have to make some difficult choices to get the budget back in line,” said Rapid City Mayor, Steve Allender.

Public Works is also cutting out department improvements that have been part of the five year capital improvement plan.

“These projects were put on the five year plan five years ago,” said Rod Johnson, the Operations Engineer of the Public Works Department. “You know there is certain limitations on both sides of the ledger in terms of can be done as far as budget cuts. ”

Reductions are set to save the city $6.3 million, leaving $300,000 thousand left to come out of reserve funds.

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